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Ferrara May 8th, 9th, 10th




Like in the previous years, Diari di Viaggio Festival sets itself the purpose to depict the art of narrating a journey through words and drawings.
The exhibition is meant to open a window on the world of the Travel Diaries, offering an overview of both emerging artists and those already well known in the field.


  • This section may include various types of Travel Diary
  • “WILD NATURE” – Natural History Museum
    This Section includes those Diaries that develop one or more of the following topics: plants, animals, naturalistic landscapes.
  • “THE RURAL WORLD” – Museum of Archaeology
    This Section includes those Diaries realised partially or totally in a rural environment, in contrast to more urban landscapes.


Participation is completely free and accessible to all artists of any gender and nationality and all artists who have participated in previous editions of the Diari di Viaggio Festival.
Every artists is free to submit his application for one or more of the categories.
A qualified jury, independent of the association Autori Diari di Viaggio, will select the works on display.
During the selection, the jury will take into consideration not only the technical skills but also the originality shown in the development of the given theme.
The jury’s decision is final and irrevocable.

The application form must be sent exclusively to the following email address: no later than the 10th January 2020, including the following attachments:

  • Application form (downloadable by clicking the button at the bottom of the page) filled out in block letters and signed.
  • Consent and Release Form (inserted in the Application form)
  • 2 Photos of the author for our online catalog (HD quality – 300 dpi)
  • Short biography (max 800 characters including spaces – possibly in Italian and English).
  • Short introduction to the sketchbook (max 800 characters including spaces – please cross the corresponding theme in the participation form).
  • 10 Pictures of the sketchbook that will be exposed on the online catalogue (HD quality – 300 dpi)

The artworks sent with the application must correspond to the ones meant for the exposition. Were they not matching, they will not be exposed.
The Diary may evolve round one or more journeys.

The jury reserve the right to not accept independent artworks unrelated to each other or to the topic.
The images need to be in a .jpg format and with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
Artworks that were previously exposed during other editions will not be suitable.
Incomplete Applications will also not be accepted.

ATTENTION: to allow a more fluid organisation, all the material sent after the aforementioned date will be automatically excluded from the selection.


Of all the artworks received, one will be selected to become the cover image of this year’s poster.
The use of the artwork for said purpose is covered by the “Consent and Release Form” signed by the Author.


The association Autori Diari di Viaggio promotes and encourages any artist that may want to narrate in first person the journey depicted in his artworks.
For this reason, we will ask all the selected artists to willingly give a lecture during which they will illustrate their journey through the projection of pictures.
Every artist will get a 20-minute window and the lecture must be based on a single travelling experience.


By filling out and signing the “Application Form” the author authorise and give consent that the association Autori Diari di Viaggio shall have the right to publish online any image, be it a photo or a picture of the author him/herself and/or of his/her artworks.


To confirm our hospitality and compatibly with the available resources, to all the selected Italian and foreign artists, ADV offers 50% of the cost of accommodation in the partner hotels for the night of 8 and 9 May 2019.
ADV will NOT cover the hotel bill of other partners.
For the selected artists, ADV will take care of the hotel reservation.
We trust in your collaboration on the arrangement of beds of those traveling without other partners.
Partner Hotels are still being selected.


All the selected artists will be treated by ADV to dinner on Saturday 9 May.
Partner’s or other participants’ bill will NOT be covered by ADV.


All artists will be to sell their artworks: postcards, carnets, art books, calendars bookmarks, etc.
The appointed stand will be managed by a third party company and will remain open for the whole duration of the event. The manager is going to withhold a percentage (20%) from the price indicated by the artists. All the material has to be handed to them personally on Friday 8 May from 10 am on.


To all those selected artists, the methods of delivery and collection of the material, insurance, timing, overnight stay and anything else needed for the success of the event, will be communicated via mail.

ADV wishes good luck to all the artist that will send their application

On behalf of ADV

Riccardo Martinelli