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Project Description

Yuzefovich Elena

I was born in Moscow and that is where I grew up. After completing my degree at the Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts, I have had the opportunity to work in different fields of design including, industrial and graphical design, as well as set design for concerts, events and TV studios.
At the exhibition, I would like to present a series of sketches of Moscow, where I wanted to reflect the vibrant and exuberant life of a big metropolitan city in its various forms.

Out of all the diversity of Moscow architecture, I am particularly attracted to post-revolutionary Moscow architecture of the early 20th century built in the constructivism style, as well as by the entire architectural heritage of the USSR.

However, most of all I am attracted to the industrial architecture, which is now experiencing a second life. In my sketches, I wanted to illustrate the rebirth of former industrial spaces – warehouses, factories and breweries, into contemporary creative clusters of Moscow. They have become places for creative workshops, workplaces for freelancers, places for exhibitions, lectures, markets and many other projects and events.